Monday, May 16, 2011

Amelia's Birthday

I had a hard time picking a birthday dinner for Millie. She's not fond of dinner food in general. I really wanted to find something that she would have to be forced to eat! We settled on Chicken Fingers, fruit salad and deviled eggs. Millie adores eggs and particularly hard-boiled or deviled eggs.

I don't like flash pictures, but since I turned it off and there wasn't quite enough light, almost all of these pictures turned out blurry. :( You'll still get the gist of her fun celebration, but I won't be able to print off very nice pictures this time. Too bad.

The boys enjoy all their cards, but Amelia LOVED her cards. She hugged each one.

Ben shows her his card for her.

Samuel made her a purple bunny card. :)

Something special from her Grammy...

...The Tasha Tudor Cookbook! Some fun recipes for Millie and me to try and a beautiful book for her to keep and treasure.

Burger Builder Play-Doh set from Peter and me.

She saw this wrapped package in my closet and knew it was for her. She waited with much anticipation to see what it would be. Finally, she got to open this "pretty" gift from her Grammy.

A hand-made-with-love dress from my Mom. :)

There was a package for Cecily from my mom as well.

She sees what it is.

A beautiful dress for her too!

Mom sent two little pairs of white dress gloves and two little homemade hair clips that matched the dresses. She thought of everything. The girls were set for Easter. So special.

A tea set.

Whoops. We forgot to read Grammy's card! It had a holographic picture on the front of it.

She sat, concentrating on the holograph, making it switch from one image to the other. That card was perfect for this age.

A pink watch. This was the one thing she asked for for weeks before her birthday.

A ladybug raincoat.

And matching boots.

Amelia's main gift was this wooden, portable dollhouse.

Arranging the wooden furniture that it came with.

Happy girl gathering her things to take them up to her room.

Bunny cake.

Blowing the candles out. This birthday brought back so many memories from when I was little. How she relished all the details, treasuring the wrapping paper and cards. The great big, coconut-covered cake like my mom used to make. The play-doh set, just like the one I had years ago. The homemade dress from my mom and gloves, just like my mom dressed me and my sisters. My mom gave me such sweet memories from the special things she worked hard to do for me. It really made me want to do the same for Amelia.


Jennie and Julie said...

It's Saturday night, I'm home, and what do I find? A wonderful blog post from my sweet daughter! Thank you so much for the kind words and thoughtful photos. It seems a long time to wait (30+ years) to hear how much something you did, meant to someone else, but it was so worth every minute! It is very gratifying to know that you want to do the same for your daughters. It brought smiles, and a tear or two. What a wonderful birthday, and what a great Mom you are. That was a LOT of work (along with a baby and all the other birthdays)but I hope Amelia will tell you one day how much it meant to her, and she will do the same for her daughters.'s amazing isn't it? Amelia's hair looks beautiful, and Cecily's's getting really long. Thanks for sharing all of that. Love, Mom

Tricia Regar said...

Lovely post and pictures and presents and girls!! You're such a cool mom. :D