Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 3 (Last Week)

Last week: Monday=Amelia to the dentist, afternoon and evening at Chestnut Ridge Park enjoying the lake. Tuesday=Peter butchering chickens all day with Sam and Will at somebody's farm, me meeting with the midwife for the first time. Wednesday=Toy Story 3 with the Oldland family. Dads took the older kids to the movie and moms took the little ones to shop at Sam's Club. Thursday=catch up on laundry and cleaning. Friday=I and the children visited my friend, Jaime and her kids in Pennsylvania for the day. Sunday was Peter's birthday and we grilled pork chops and had apple crisp out at Cooper's Rock State Park in the evening. Eventful week. I'll be posting pictures of Chestnut Ridge and Peter's birthday.

Yellow Room

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Last Time You Saw Amelia...

...was the last time you saw her with two front teeth for a few years.Since she is just a little over 3 years old, it will probably be 3 1/2 to 4 years before her adult tooth ruptures and fills the space. We're getting used to it. At least she's not injured or ill.
You can see she is happy and unaffected. I'm thankful that she's fine.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Intresting animals ( A post by Samuel )

I have been waiting to write this post for quite a while and have finally gotten around to it. This post is about some of the animals that I have caught. Here is a fine, feathered friend that I snagged from the field.
Well he was pretty darn cute, and so out came the camera.

I think that he was a young Catbird. We let him go and he flew away.
Here I am with the biggest fish I've caught yet. It's a Large mouth Bass , and he was at least 2 or 3 pounds if not larger.
Will really wanted Dad to take a picture of him with the fish. The fish could have swallowed Calvin's hand whole.

A Bluegill that Will caught.

At the same lake where I caught the Bass we also caught a frog[Shocking isn't it?!] and took him home.

He's about 5" long and. . .

. . .his name is Chief.

He's a good poser.

Here is Chief and a Fowler's Toad that we named Doogle.:- )
This was a good one even though my finger is in the way.

I had to open the lid to their tank , so at the end Doogle jumped up onto the electrical outlet. I didn't take him down immediately and so I took a picture. I just love catching and watching God's creations.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oregon Coast and End of Trip

This one is out of order, but it is the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse as I was walking up the path to it.
When we drove to the coast, we got there in the evening and our first stop was dinner. Mom and Dad have been eating at a restaurant for over 30 years in Lincoln City called Dory Cove. It actually burnt to the ground a few years ago, but we were all thankful to find that the chef and some of the staff are still cooking on the opposite end of town making the same great fish and chowder. JoAnn is quizzing us with trivia from the menu.
Mom remembers eating at Dory Cove when she was pregnant with me.

Chowder, french fries, a Captain's plate and some extremely yummy fried halibut.

Clams and shrimp. :)!!

Carrying tired Cecily down to our cabin that we stayed at.

Mom cooking breakfast for everyone in her cabin.

Watching Looney Tunes that Grammy rented for them.

These are the folks who are ready to eat!

Our first good glimpse of the ocean. It rained and rained for the first 24 hours we were there. It was hard to get a good view of the surf from our cabins in the overcast weather.

We stopped at this lookout near Boiler Bay on our way to Newport.

Once in Newport, we visited some tide pools below the cliffs at Yaquina Head where the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is.


Touching a starfish. :)

Sam is showing a hermit crab on the tips of his fingers.

A small crab.

Truly, the weather was amazing. It was raining steadily, but the worst was the wind. It blew the rain straight at you and we were all soaked. At the bottom of the cliffs, in the tide pools, it wasn't as bad...

...but once we climbed to the top again, it was amazing!

The wind was almost blowing us off this path as we walked to the lighthouse.

We didn't get to go inside the lighthouse because a group of students was there and we would have had to wait an hour. Neat to see outside though.

The view down the cliffs from the lighthouse.

After some lunch, we drove further down the coast to see the Yaquina Bay lighthouse. This one we did get to tour and it was NEAT! This one was built before Yaquina Head. It was only used briefly before they realized they needed one out at the head instead of here at the bay.

The restored house has lovely architectural details.

All of my pictures of the living space inside turned out dark. I included this one so you could at least get an idea. This is looking out a parlor window. The rooms were very simple, but there was a lovely parlor with a fireplace and piano. I think the living quarters were used in the 1940's.

Staircase to the light tower.

We went to a dock on the old Bay Front to see some sea lions.

The kids loved them.

He loves animals. A happy day, even in the rain.

There were lots of people setting crab traps from the dock, so we got to see some of what they had caught.

We were all amazed that the weather completely cleared off and we actually got a SUNSET that night. This is the view from the cabin. :)

Morning wrestling.

A snow globe of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

In the trunk of the Cadillac that was loaned to us by Doris. We took this picture for her. :)

Spending some time on the beach below our cabin before leaving.

It was low tide. The rocks were all pretty exposed. The birds have their favorite spot.

A snail clinging to one of the exposed rocks.

Sam and Will enjoy exploring the exposed tide pools and searching for shells and agates.

Walking back up.

Ice cream cones at the Tillamook Cheese Factory on the way.

We stopped briefly and saw an old friend from high school. She lives on the way between the coast and my sister Joy's house where we ended our travel for the day. It was great to see Tami and her mother and two kids. I didn't get any pictures at Joy's house as it was really late and crazy when we got there and we got up and headed to the airport in the morning.