Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to the Best Wife/Mother in the World

Hey Sweetie, all your boys love you very much. Here are some pictures of our fun in the snow yesterday. We could not imagine celebrating the birth of our Savior without also celebrating all His good gifts, including you. Thanks for all you do.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It Was a Cold, Dark December Day....

My funny husband, turning a Christmas outing into a spooky story and my funny son imitating him.

Christmas Tree Farm

Being outside always affords the best opportunity for some photographs.  The annual trip to the Christmas tree farm (which we haven't made the last two years) is always refreshing.  The chance to get outside and enjoy exercise, fresh air and all the lovely evergreens is so timely at the first of December.

Will found our tree this year.
Taking home a freshly cut tree to put in our house is a tradition that is well worth it also!  So cheerful and beautiful!  It's something we would never think to do at any other time of year.  What a neat way to mark the significance of the celebration of the birth of Christ.
And Will took this picture of me and the girls.

These last pictures of Peter and myself were taken by Sam.  Some of my favorites this year!

This one makes me think about us growing gray together and being blessed to still have little ones among us. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Candles-2013

I recently posted about my advent candle display over at Tending Our Gardens.  Click on the red letters to go check it out.  I hope you are enjoying your advent season. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

2nd Thanksgiving

 Our friends, the Oldlands, hosted a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, cooked entirely by their two oldest daughters, ages 15 and 13.  Part of the reason that the girls cooked on their own was that their mother gave birth to a new baby girl just 2 weeks ago.  We were so honored to be a part of their meal.  Above, is the hosting family's Grammie with her new granddaughter and one of her grandsons.
 Our host is sharpening his knife to carve the turkey with.
 This is 15 year old, Sarah Grace, doing the last of her preparation of some brussels sprouts.
 The fellowship with friends was such a sweet time. 
 Waiting for dinner.
 A place for everyone and everyone in their place.
 Our wonderful host and hostess.
 Even the littlest people got to enjoy fixed up coffee drinks for dessert.
The end of the day included some games for the children.  Such a blessing when we get to enjoy a day such as this!