Monday, March 31, 2014

Julie's Birthday

The men are getting a special dinner ready. 
They made some pasta with tomato cream sauce...
...with sauteed shrimp and sugar snap peas.  The shrimp and peas are a treat.  They cost a little more than what I would typically spend.
The boys made some chocolate mousse and even put it into a pretty teacup for me.

I left temporarily to take a birthday phone call and everyone else patiently waited, or passed the time taking some pictures, as I found when I got back.
Mom sent me a couple of new cookbooks, some chocolate and a journal.  Thanks Mom!
My sweet sister, JoAnn, sent me a pretty new mug and a pack of lovely thank you notes.  She also got me a book, not pictured, by George MacDonald that I was wanting (The Princess and Curdie).
Peter's sister, Leslie sent me the greatest slippers from L.L.Bean.  They are so comfortable, functional and cute!!  They're my most treasured comfort item just now.
Thank you, Leslie!  I love them.  How did you know?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

More 1970's Bronwyn

 So sad.  :-(

 Playing with a bowl of pasta in the afternoon, after her nap.
 After the boys came in from working outside, they were enjoying carrying the little queen around the house in her carriage.
She liked it, but it was a little scary too (thus the serious face).  I sure enjoyed this little outfit that day. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1970's Bronwyn

I found this little outfit that Bronwyn is wearing in a box and thought I'd better put it on her before she got too big.  I enjoyed it on her all day one Saturday a couple of weeks ago.  She had just woken up from her nap and escaped out an open door with her hair in her face and no shoes on.  The dress was handmade in the 1970's by my Grandma Bethel.  My older sister had a matching one.  The quality is so nice.  It sure has held up well, Grandma!  Your love reaches to your great-grandchildren.  :-)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Calvin Turns 9

A birthday breakfast complete with his own plate that he made.
Calvin typically asks for spaghetti and meatballs for his birthday dinners.  It's kind of fun to pile it all in a bowl to serve it.  Ben and Cal even sang "On Top of Spaghetti" with their Papa in mind.
It was difficult, but we came up with a set of fiction books that Cal's older brothers had never read before, The Sugar Creek Gang series.  My parents got them for him.
William wanted to buy an erector set for Calvin.  This is a metal put-together-yourself set of a motorcycle that William picked out and paid for.  That meant a lot to Cal.
Aunt Leslie got him a bike helmet that he was needing so he's ready for spring and will be able to ride the bike he got for Christmas when the weather is nice enough.
Grandma Bethel, the kids always look forward to your cards that you are so faithful to send.  We always enjoy the messages you write and they like to see what the picture on the front will be. 
Calvin's gift from Mom and Dad was a new fishing rod and reel.
Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, complete with Star Wars figurines.  :)
We had a great celebration and Calvin was blessed by the loving gifts and cards sent from family that is far away and family that is right here.    

Monday, March 3, 2014

Valentines Day!

 Here are the heart cookie makers this year.  They did it all by themselves!

 Peter got the kids a little box of chocolate.
 Bronwyn didn't get a box of chocolates, but she was pretty excited about hot cocoa in her sippy cup!
 Peter wanted to take the two big girls out on a Valentines' date with me at Bob Evans, where kids eat free.  We dressed up and had a really fun time together.
 The children's menu was full of Valentines' activities.

 The girls also had fun sipping chocolate milk through a straw.
 And...we shared some brownie bites for dessert.  :)  A good idea from their daddy.  They had a great time. 
 The kids put together a little tea party shortly after Valentines Day on a morning when they had just finished dressing up.
 Complete with carmel-filled kisses that Aunt JoAnn had sent in the mail!
 Did you know that pirates like pink heart cookies? 
And that queens always toast their tea?

Holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy seasonal pleasures and Valentines' Day is a great way to brighten up a winter month!

The Shortest We've Ever Cut It

She kept on asking for me to cut it short and then shorter.  I like a bob haircut, but I have enjoyed keeping the girls' hair long to have a variety of hairstyles possible.  We finally gave it a try and I think it really suits her.  It's less fuss and she loves it!

Bronwyn's Sweaters

My mom bought several articles of clothing for Bronwyn for Christmas.  Two of the chief pieces were a couple of little sweaters that have gotten a lot of use this chilly winter and kept her looking adorable while staying warm.
 The first one is this light pink one she is wearing while being busy dumping out and picking up hairbands.

 The other one is navy blue with pink buttons. 
 Clearly her favorite pastime right now is taking things out and putting them back in.  :)

I have loved these sweaters, Mom.  Thank you!