Monday, April 26, 2010


April 8 is the momentous day that I gave birth to Amelia 3 years ago. She and Ben are both sort of Easter babies. We started off the day with Molasses-Glazed Pecan Scones and homemade applesauce.

The weather was fine and the littlest children spent a lot of the morning playing out on the deck.

I've been wanting to get a picture of this for quite a while. I know it won't last, but she does this with her lips all of the time right now. :) I think it's funny.

Reading at the table.

The older boys had done some chalk art before they went in to do schoolwork. This one was by William.

What a pleasant playtime they had that day.

Sam and Will with the cake as it is coming into shape.

The finished cake. This elephant design was the same that my mom used to make me and my sister's birthday cakes when we were little.

Mom says we called it Ellie the Elephant.

Birthday dinner.

I found a miniature daffodil in the garden that had three blooms on one stem. We picked it to put by Millie's place since she is *3*.

Spaghetti and Meatballs and Garlic Bread. This is a common birthday meal around here. I chose for her as she's a bit young to evaluate what she would like best to have.

Dad. :)

Waiting like a lady while we bring her surprise cake.

All ready.

A cheesy smile.

Amelia and her cake.

We tried to give her some time to look at it and enjoy it. She was very interested in it.

Trying to blow candles.

Needing some guidance.

Ben wore the hat he made for phonics to the party.

Tastes good.

With her gifts. There's several things about this picture that remind me of the 70's. It's a throwback to my childhood birthday pictures.

"Doggies!!" A card from Grandma Bethel and Grandpa Larry.

A new outfit for her baby from Aunt Leslie and Uncle John.

An umbrella from mom and dad.
Delighted. She has really loved this gift.

Another something from mom and dad...

...some slippers and undershirts and things she enjoys putting on.

From Grammy and Papa...

...a wooden spoon?

Something else?

Some measuring spoons.

Mom had picked out several items for Amelia to use in her play kitchen and sewed her a little apron just the right size for her. :)


The tie in the back.

Oh, and mom got her a cookbook of her own too.

I like this picture. She is thrilled with her own cookbook. I keep it with mine and she asks me to take it down to look at it. I think it makes her feel very big.

And a fun, fuzzy bunny card from Grammy and Papa too. "Rabbities!"

And last, a place for baby to sit during meals. Oh joy!

It's just what baby wanted.
Happy number 3, Amelia!

Monday, April 19, 2010


A couple of weeks back the boys innovated a stick swing during their playtime outside. I came outside to find Calvin taking a ride. It seemed to work out pretty well.

It was very nice to see the boys make it all on their own and to see them work together and help each other.

William was the only who could get onto it without assistance. He did a sort of frog leap and swung his legs up around the sides of the stick.

He's also the one to figure out tricks and variations on using the swing. He's the most acrobatic of the boys.

Helping Ben on.

Now he just needs a good push...and then big smiles.

Here's the inventor himself.

No hands!
They said that the stick wasn't very comfortable to sit on, but I think they were thrilled that they had made it themselves and enjoyed it anyway. :)