Friday, November 4, 2011



Sweet potatoes and peas, transformed into...babyfood!
Stored and ready for Eli's meals.  :)
Cookie making.
This is the waterfall at the Good Zoo.  We try to always take a picture there when we visit.  This time, JoAnn got to be a part of the annual picture.
 Petting goats and sheep in the farmyard part of the zoo.

 Notice the goat about to eat Ben's hair.  These critters have lots of tricks figured out.

 The spitting llama with the funny teeth.  :)

 Some of the indoor animals of compliments of JoAnn.

 These are the naked mole rats.Their lips fold behind their teeth to keep dirt out of their mouths as they dig with them.

 Playing at the park on the way home from dropping JoAnn off at the airport.

 Fishing at the pond at Westover park.  :)

That's a pretty good overview of October.  The camera didn't get pulled out very often.  The month went so fast as did the fall  leaves and weather.  Feels like winter is already here. 

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Luma said...

I love the fall colors on the blog! :-)

Hope you are all doing well. I wrote you an email a week or more ago, but I'm sure you are SUPER busy. Looks like you had a wonderful time during your sister's visit.

Jack Jack got his first little tooth peek through the gums this morning. He can't stand baby food, he won't eat it. I just give him whatever we're eating now.