Saturday, September 15, 2012

Portraits, From Home

 Prompted by a request for pictures for Grandma Betty, I recently attempted to take a good, portrait-style picture of each of the kids.  Here are the results, some better than others. 
 These of Sam and Will I took several weeks back.  I think I might redo them.  The ones I took below of Ben and Cal today were better.  I think I like the dress clothes better than the casual clothes.

 These, of Millie, were cute and fun to do, but I might keep trying for an even better portrait-style picture.

 Took this one today and I LOVE it.  This was such a difficult-to-catch smile.
Elijah is, for obvious reasons, the hardest to photograph sometimes.  I took him to the portrait studio at Sears today and had his picture taken professionally.  I decided I would like to have at least one professional portrait done of the kids as babies/toddlers.  After that I think I'll try to take an annual "portrait" from home around the time that we go back to school in the fall. 


Lora said...

Such cute pictures of your kids Julie. And I love Amelia's blue dress! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

The kids pictures are soooo good! I even love the ones of Sam and Will because it captures how they are everyday. You have such a good eye- and beautiful objects in your photos!

Jennie and Julie said...

Wow! They turned out so good! I am super impressed. I love the first one of Benny, because the color of his shirt just makes his skin glow. Will's is good mainly because I know how hard it is to get a good photo of him (he's like Cecily in that). I love all of Millie's but I really like the one of her hair up and smelling the sweet. And hooray for Cecily's smile...what a sweetness of a photo. I am going to please have you make 8x10's of them all to update my frames. I'll let you know which ones on the phone. Great job! Grammie