Sunday, November 11, 2012


There's a very good reason for this mess.  Several weeks back the boys received one of the best and most fun packages in the mail that they will probably ever receive.  My dad got a hold of a number of used fishing rods, including one fly rod and an old plastic rod case and shipped the whole bunch of them to the boys.  The key to unlock the rod case came in another package, that came slightly later.  Boy, were they anxious to get that key!  When they got it open there were fishing rods all over and all the tackle came out and lots of sorting and organizing and planning began. 
Happy boys with their rods.  Thanks Papa!!!
I have no explanation for this.  I just walked in the kitchen and the girls had made up some game where Millie was dancing around Cecily on the bedspread from her bed.  They're so funny.
Ben and Cal had some fun in the sandbox.  They brought out some toys from the train set.
I thought it was pretty creative.  They made the tunnel and cut out a blue piece of paper for a pond.  They created a forest and a city of buildings in the top left corner. 
A couple days after Bronwyn was born, I came out in the morning to see Peter cooking pancakes and bacon...with a lot of help!  I don't even let three at once cook with me.  He's so brave.
This one is actually very skilled.  She's a big help.

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Jennie and Julie said...

It's so nice to see those happy faces with (new) fishing poles! And the random daily pictures and really great, and give us all a peek at life in the Jones family!