Sunday, September 1, 2013

Impromptu Tea Parties

 Here is a little tea party that was "real" but all set up by Amelia and Cecily, for Mom to enjoy with them.
 I gave them permission, then they did all the preparation and "surprised" me.  Amelia worked hard to write all of our names on a little sign for the party. 
 Real tea in real cups.
 Leftover cookies from the previous day's church event make for a handy tea supplement.
 I even let Amelia take a picture of me.  We don hats for tea, if the mood strikes.  This day the girls insisted on hats.
 I happened upon this little tea party one afternoon.  This is a "pretend" one.
 My older boys would have a lot to say about this photo, if you asked them.  They're not thrilled about Elijah tenderly "feeding" the baby.  I think a little of this kind of play, done in the right way, is actually beneficial for him.  He plays guns and cars a whole lot more often.

This adorable little tea set was a birthday present Amelia got from my mom and dad.  The little antique extra pieces came from my mom as well.  My mom is a lover of dishes.

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Jennie and Julie said...

I was thrilled beyond words at this post. What a precious tradition to pass on to the next generation. I loved seeing the tea set put to good use! The tenderness of brother and sister playing together in harmony with the dolls brought tears. Thanks for helping us see what we are not there to see and miss.