Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Tree Farm

Being outside always affords the best opportunity for some photographs.  The annual trip to the Christmas tree farm (which we haven't made the last two years) is always refreshing.  The chance to get outside and enjoy exercise, fresh air and all the lovely evergreens is so timely at the first of December.

Will found our tree this year.
Taking home a freshly cut tree to put in our house is a tradition that is well worth it also!  So cheerful and beautiful!  It's something we would never think to do at any other time of year.  What a neat way to mark the significance of the celebration of the birth of Christ.
And Will took this picture of me and the girls.

These last pictures of Peter and myself were taken by Sam.  Some of my favorites this year!

This one makes me think about us growing gray together and being blessed to still have little ones among us. 

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The Jones Family (TN) said...

Great pictures!! We can't wait to see you!