Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Protecting Your Time

I am un-apologetically a homemaker.  God structured the home to be an atmosphere where souls are nurtured.  I get the wonderful job of being the one to create that atmosphere.

I have, several times, appreciated the straight-forward advice given to young homemakers by an older, experienced homemaker on a blog called  Home Living.  One of the articles I appreciated this year addresses the topic of protecting a homemaker's time.  There are some good thoughts here, worth the time to read them.  The main thing I took away with me on my first reading was a conviction that my husband and children should be getting the very best of my mental and physical energies, not the leftovers, once I've expended them on other endeavors or concerns.  This is not an excuse to flake out on people and ignore responsibilities, but rather insurance that you don't end up doing that.

"To redeem something means to regain possession of it, or to free it.  Homemakers really do need to be cautious about allowing their time to be put into captivity. If they do not practice protecting it, they might find it slipping away, and they will lose that sense of freedom that a woman at home is supposed to feel."


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