Thursday, July 23, 2009


While my mom and Kory were visiting we celebrated the occasion of Peter's 32nd birthday. I thought I'd post some of the pictures of our little party. It was a very busy day and I ended up letting the boys wrap the gifts, hide them and write out clues to make a scavenger hunt to find them. We did a scavenger hunt for Peter's birthday last year and thought we'd make a tradition. But this year, since I was short on time, I let the kids handle it and thought I'd just see what they came up with. Below, Peter is reading the first clue, which was written by Samuel.
Here's a few of the hiding places: Under the fireplace...
In the crawl space...
In some luggage...
...and out behind the air-conditioning unit.
He enjoyed the hunt. :-)
Next came pecan pie and the birthday song.
Kory actually made the pie all by herself with some oversight by me. She did just great!
Enjoying his annual slice.
We all enjoyed it quite a lot as well.
Here are a few of the gifts received: 2 new shirts... socks...
...Mayorga coffee...
...(can you guess?)...
...books, of course!! There's nothing he's so happy to see.
Peter was grateful for the humble celebration. I was wishing that I'd had more time to put into making it special. The books I ordered for him came at the last minute and I was at least grateful for that. He's pleased as punch if he gets new books and the rest doesn't make an overly large impression anyway!
I'll end this birthday post with the little cherub of the family. She was going around giving out hugs at the end of the party.
And trying on Grammy's glasses. I'm not sure what her hand over her mouth was all about, but she was generally entertaining us with her antics.
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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Laffing Dawg said...

A fabulous Dad and a great party to celebrate him. I can just tell, Peter, how you are savoring that piece of pie. And I am so proud of Kory. Pecan pie is not easy to bake but oh so appreciated. Now you know I am so curious - what were the books Peter received? Maybe I didn't look close enough at the sidebar.

Happy Sabbath to you all, Jones family,