Saturday, July 4, 2009


We gave our gifts to Dad over our morning meal, which we ate out on the deck. He was happy to see an English-imported Sam Smith's. That was from all of us.
Looking at Benny's "card."
Benjamin used his money to buy him a pack of gum, which he carefully wrapped himself. :-)
And from William he got...
...some fishing bait.
William made this lovely paper mosaic along with several other paper crafts and cards.
Samuel made a shoebox ocean scene. He came up with the idea and did it in his spare time.
I thought it came out pretty cute and dad appreciated the thoughtfulness very much.
I loved the little animals that he drew, colored and carefully cut out. This little duck appropriately was floating on top.
A turtle walking along the bottom.
And an origami goldfish that he recently learned how to make.
A special time to honor dad and present him with the creative, loving gifts that each had made.
After church we hosted a meal for some of the folks from church. The Carpenter Family and the Stedmans came, as well as two of the single guys. We also were especially blessed to have the Simms family who are visiting from Arizona. They were here for a good many weeks last summer and it is great to have them back.
Morgan Simms showed Sam and Will how to play Pictionary.
They were pretty intensely focused on it.
As usual, lots of good discussion of the scriptures and catching up on each other's lives.
A busy, but blessed Father's Day.

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