Saturday, October 17, 2009


A couple of weeks ago Samuel made himself a bow and two arrows. He's fashioned some for himself in the past, but this time was a little different because he had found some instructions in a book and he followed them carefully. The result was remarkably improved. He used some feathers that he had found previously and fletched these himself.
It was funny. After Samuel had worked on this project for days, when it was finally done, it was very rainy outside and he couldn't test it out. I think it made the testing all the more gratifying when he finally got to do it. It worked beautifully. Hurray! So nice when our efforts are rewarded!
From start to finish, his own idea and his own skill. Amazing how capable he's becoming.


Laffing Dawg said...

Wow, Samuel. Now that is amazing. My kind of guy. Keep creating.

Jennie and Julie said...

It looks like you are becoming quite a woodsman. Davey Crocket would be proud to have you on a wilderness trek. The workmanship on the bow was great. I made a few bows myself when I was your age. My arrows never looked as good as yours though. Keep up the good work. Love you man. Papa