Monday, December 7, 2009

Here are the last of the pictures of life before our trip down south. I had a few left before moving onto holiday pictures. A mysterious sign appeared in the stairwell on the Saturday before we left. It said something like: "The Great Rium Derby, show tonight right after supper. The Minnesota Demon versus the California Earwig. Five rows of seats and do not sit within five feet of the arena." We were all very curious to see this mysterious show. It turned out that Sam had built an arena, a ramp, a fuel station, a bandstand and two cars. He made a "megaphone" out of a piece of orange construction paper to do the announcing for the event.

He even made a prize for the winning car, which he is holding up here.

And the races begin...
He says: "Sa-mash!!!" He also says that the driver of the black and red car used to be a race car driver but he smashed up so many cars that he became a derby driver.
The show was very entertaining. It was fun to see what he had built and fun that he planned a show all on his own.
Here is the table that Jocelyn gave me, in action. We pulled out the paints right away.


Cecily saw Millie and Calvin wearing aprons for painting and I guess she wanted to be like them. I turned around and she was waddling around the kitchen with these two aprons hanging rakishly askew, her attempts to put them on.

The string of the one dragging is wrapped around her leg and nearly tripping her. :)

A combined effort to make an airplane.

Calvin is heading into the cockpit. (I don't know why his shirt is off. He must have spilt something on it.)

Pilots get thirsty.

Back to work. I am back to work myself...

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