Monday, December 14, 2009


I was able to import some photos that my sister-in-law, Tessa, took of our time with her family in Tennessee and also of our time together at mom and dad's house in Mississippi. It was a little tricky to get them in order, but I succeeded with all but one. This one is out of order. I thought it worth including anyway. Making it clear: Tessa is married to Peter's brother, Mitchell. They just had their third child 5 weeks before our trip. Their eldest son, Ethan, is a similar age to our Calvin (6 months younger) and their daughter, Emma, is similar to Amelia (9 months younger). The new baby, Micah, is about a year younger than Cecily. They all live outside of Nashville, TN. We typically stay overnight at their house on our way to Mississippi. We did that this year, as well as stay with them on our way home. We really enjoyed the time with them and getting to spend time holding the new baby. :)

Alright, back to the point, the above picture was taken in Mississippi. These are my boys and Ethan eating chili in Grandma Betty's and Grandpa Jerry's living room. They're the overflow that couldn't fit at the kitchen table. They didn't mind, can't you tell?

Back to the beginning. I guess Tessa took this picture of the boys whistling "Yankee Doodle" together for their cousin. Ben's whistler is pretty capable and he and Sam have conspired to make music together.

Emma and Amelia, so happy to see each other.

Ben, Calvin and Ethan spent a lot of time at Grandma's house up on this top bunk, enjoying all of Grandma's many picture books.

Thanksgiving day, waiting for picture time, out on Grandma's porch.

Amelia was trying out the picture bench.

We finally came inside to finish the wait. Here they are enjoying some of Grandma's books too.

All ready now...

Hurray! We finally took the family picture. On the far left is Mitchell, Tessa and family. Next is sister, Leslie, and husband, John. Then our family, minus Ben, who somehow got put on the right end. Next, sister, Anna, husband, Walter and children Holden and Webber. Last, is Jerry and Betty or mom and dad.

Once the picture was taken, the eating could commence. The children ate at the kitchen table.

All of the Jones grand kids, all together.

The adult table.

More adults...

Anna and Walt.

The youngest in the group, Micah Brett Jones. We enjoyed him immensely.

Heading outside after the meal.

They were able to fish a little over the barbed wire fence here in front of the house.

I like this picture. This is Ethan and Calvin eating their dessert together on the porch. Calvin just SO enjoys his cousin. We found them together constantly.

Grandpa with his granddaughters. :)

The next day, Friday, we came back to mom and dad's (we stayed at a hotel) and spent a little more time with Mitchell and Tessa and kids before they headed back home.

Betty (mom), Tessa and myself took the kids down the road to see some horses.

The horses were very friendly. They must be used to people feeding them or something.

Even Cecily got to pet them.

Running around, exercising the little legs.

There was a little slide that the girls spent a lot of time on, taking turns.

Tessa tried to get a picture of them all looking, but it was pretty hard to do.

The cousins in the back of Grandpa's truck. After this, the Mitchell Jones family headed home and we stayed for another day before we drove to their house to spend the night on our way home. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family. We enjoyed this family time immensely.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I celebrated Thanksgiving all over again.
Thanks, Julie.


Luma said...

Wow, Julie, those are beautiful family pictures.