Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Beginning today, the kids are doing their annual assessment testing. I'm taking Samuel, William and Benny (his first year) to the testing center for three days to give an account of all they have learned. :) This week also is the semi-annual children's clothing sale that I shop at to get all of my kids clothes. I do a lot of prep for this by going through all of the clothes for the upcoming season and seeing who is in need of what and making a list to know what to shop for. I'll be shopping at the sale Thursday and then returning to shop again on half price day (Friday). The last bit of activity and news around here is that the unfinished work room in our basement is being renovated and finished to add another room to our house. Work began yesterday and will be continuing for quite some time. Our laundry room now has a hole through the wall into the unfinished space where a new doorway is being put in. Excitement!

Just thought I'd give a brief account of our week and let you know why I may not be online for a bit! Have a great week!

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