Saturday, March 6, 2010


His birthday was a month ago, February 6. I guess I'm catching up gradually here!His is still the first birthday we celebrate each new year.

It's exciting to see our boys reach these older "big-boy" years and think of all they've learned and accomplished. Sam and Will aren't really little boys anymore.

Will wanted me to a make a three-pizza feast for his birthday dinner. He wanted 1)Pesto, mozzarella and tomato 2)Three cheese with kalamata olives and garlic and 3)Ham and pineapple. That was a fun dinner choice.

"Where's my pizza? What's the delay?"

A slice of each.

Time for the party.

Cards and gifts. Several of his gifts didn't arrive in the mail in time due to the big snowstorm. He didn't mind. Opening gifts after your birthday is pretty fun!

Looking at cards from his brothers.

Reading a card from Grandma Bethel and Grandpa Larry. (My grandparents)

First gift.

The newly-released N.D. Wilson book, The Chestnut King. This is the sequel to the book he got for Christmas, Dandelion Fire.

Already can't put it down.

He's already got the ribbon off, but here's a something from my parents.

What will it be?

2 more hardback Narnia books for his collection.

Last, from Peter and I...

The second of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on CD. He got the first one for Christmas.

The dessert he wanted was Tapioca Pudding. That was fine with me, but I wondered if he might like something else with it? We decided on some giant oatmeal, dried cranberry and chocolate chip cookies. Yum. Since there really wasn't something to stick a birthday candle in, we lit and blew out the candles in the candelabra.
Later in the mail, A Trumark Slingshot from us, a really nice Yo-yo and yo-yo trick book from Aunt Leslie and Uncle John and some more cards and money from Grandma Betty/Grandpa Jerry and others. Thank you for making his birthday special. :)

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Tricia Regar said...

Those pizzas look AWESOME, Julie!!