Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little Update

Taking the babies for a walk.

Buckling them in is Cecily's favorite part.

Update: In the middle of Samuel's birthday celebration the camera stopped focusing and would only take blurry pictures. I think this means we'll be replacing it. That won't happen right away, so I plan to take a bit of a blogging break. I'll post the pictures that I did get of Sam's birthday and then I'll probably let the blog just sit for a bit. I'm sure I'll come back in a month or two with fresh inspiration of how to make it more interesting anyway.

Vacation is winding down. We're easing back into school. Samuel and William have been doing grammar and just started doing math as well, as of yesterday. Next week they'll review History and Bible from last year and then the following week they'll begin this year's History and Bible. At that point, we'll begin the full school schedule for them.
Benjamin and I have picked back up where we left off at the tail end of his Kindergarten phonics curriculum. I think in about 2 weeks he'll have that wrapped up and will be starting the First Grade phonics. I've been thrilled with how well he has been doing since we began again. He seems very ready to move forward and I'm so excited for him to get to be a good reader this year! He's going to love being able to do it.

Calvin is just starting his second week of the Kindergarten phonics. All of the boys have been excited at the beginning, but none have been as excited as Calvin. We are having so much fun together.

Amelia and I went and picked out preschool books for her and she's getting her fair share of "school time." Everybody's ready this year!

That's what's new with us. We're enjoying the fresh produce of summer, enjoying the beautiful weather outside, and enjoying learning and spending time together inside. Oh, and enjoying watching my growing tummy and tracking the growth of the new brother/sister.
Hope you're finding many things to enjoy in these summer days as well.


Anonymous said...

I sure will miss you, Julie, but have a wonderful break. Respite is always good for both motivation and inspiration. Give all the kids hugs and enjoy your time.

Luma said...

We miss your family.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Peter,
I just found Matthew and Manda Payne. Perhaps you already know where they are, but just in case, they are in Dryden, WA where Matthew pastors a church. He is in his last year of studying for his ordination. I have their webpage on my blog. Their address is there and a cute photo.

Love you,