Monday, August 30, 2010

School Excitement

Everybody is talking about the first day of school. Many public schools are starting classes today. Today is our first full day, as I said it would be and we're feeling the excitement too! Everyone is loving going through the new schedule. I thought I would post it here for those who are interested. You'll know just what the Joneses are doing all day!

Everyone Sam and Will Ben and Cal

6:30- Rise, dress, make beds and read Bibles
7:00- Family Worship
7:30- Greek, Everyone else=breakfast preparation
9:00-History MWF, Church history Tue, Theology Thur, Preschool time!
9:45-Everybody=Science MWF, Art Tue, Music or Geography Thurs
10:30-Exercise break, Math MWF, Special time with sisters Tue and Thurs
11:00-Bible MWF, Preschool pages with Amelia Tue, Typing Instructor Thurs,
11:45-Math, outside play
12:15- Outside play
1:00- Lunch and girls to naps
1:45-Literature reading, Quiet time, Mom's break
2:30-Sam=Grammar, Will=activity with Ben, Cal=Phonics
3:15-Sam=activity with Cal, Will=Grammar, Ben=Phonics
4:00-Read aloud and snack
4:30-Free time
Evening routines of baths, reading in bed and time with dad

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Jennie and Julie said...

Wow!! What a full schedule. I'm glad to see that you put in a break for yourself, as I'm sure you and baby will need it. Looks do-able, but full. Hope you have a great, marvelous and wonderful first day! Love, Mom and Grammy