Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting the Tree

I'm finally taking a breather from all of the Christmas preparation and celebration to post a few pictures. We visited a local tree farm a little over a week ago. There was just enough snow to make it feel like winter.

The search for the perfect tree begins.

The selection at this farm is not that great. There are mostly long-needled trees that look kind of shaggy and yellow. There are some lovely short-needled trees, but they are all very small.

Some of us don't really care. Any tree will do. :)

They enjoy the process and the tree we end up with is just a bonus.

A brief moment of sourness (I don't remember why).
Quickly cured by the whisker treatment.

Finally settled on the biggest short-needled tree we could find. William is giving the saw a try.

Sam finishes it up.

:) Time to head home.

Ben and Cal help carry it to the car.

Still not sure what all of this is about. Ready for her lunch and her nap.


Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks for the photos, it was fun to see the kids and the process. Sam looks so much older!

Anonymous said...

Pretty tree, and oh that wonderful smell. I remember every trip out tree hunting once we moved away from palm trees and into pine and juniper. The trip and the hunting were where the memories lay, I don't remember any of the trees. I just remember the fun, the brisk day, the homemade chili and cornbread over the fire, the laughter, my dad's 1964 Corvair pickup truck. We probably had many a Charlie Brown tree. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Luma said...

You'll have to take pictures of the tree and show it to us after it's decorated. Can't wait to see.