Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Yes, there's a lot of pictures, as usual, for the opening of gifts on Christmas. Perhaps there are fewer than usual though due to the fact that I sat on the couch in one place and shot all of the pictures from there. I wasn't feeling very well.
If you're not all that interested in what the kids got for Christmas, you might want to skip this post. :)

Stuffed stockings. It's finally time for what the kids thought it would never be time for.

Girls opening stockings.

Dress-up gloves and hair clip.

Slippers! The girls got matching slippers and loved them.

Boys with their stockings.

Time for breakfast. Homemade applesauce, Almond Pastry Braid and Sausage Souffle.

We actually tried a new recipe this year for the main dish. It is a sausage/bread/cheese breakfast strata and it was fantastic.

Each of the kids helped distribute some of the gifts.

Cecily loved it so much that we let her do the most.

Not sure what setting I accidentally took this picture on, but it turned out kind of neat.

Sam with his gifts. The kids all got 2 gifts and some books from us. The other gifts are from grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Cecily and Millie both got a doll outfit from Aunt Leslie and Uncle John.

Also from Aunt Leslie and Uncle John was the game Guess Who? for Ben and Cal and Clue for Sam and Will.

Everyone with gifts from Papa and Grammy.

The boys all got slippers and the girls got matching dresses and tights.

Cecily, of course, wanted to put her dress on right away. Isn't it cute?

One of Cecily's gifts from us was a Raggedy Ann Jack-in-the-Box.
Grandpa Jerry got Sam and Will each a multi-purpose tool. They were very excited about that.

Will's books.

Ben got a horse book.

How can we get them to put down the books in order to finish opening the rest of the gifts?

Books always get a smile from Peter. I got him the hat as well. These two books are "Bonhoeffer" by E. Metaxas and "With the Old Breed" by E.B. Sledge (WWII, Pacific Theater). He got several other books that are theological as well.

One of Amelia's gifts was a bakery set.

One of Cal's was a scooter. Ben got a matching one.

Will got Return of the King, from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, on CD.

Happy, happy Sam got a pair of binoculars equipped with a digital camera for photographing birds. This was such a great find. He had been telling us that he wanted some kind of equipment to take pictures of birds up close. Oh my. I wasn't even going to try to come up with that when I came across this completely by accident. He was THRILLED.

Amelia's main gift was this little refrigerator to go with her kitchen.


And Cecily got a cradle for her baby.

What could it be?

And this?

Nerf dart guns and....

...airsoft guns.
What is it about projectile weapons? Just kidding. How could they not love running around trying to tag each other with darts and BB's? The nerf guns are indoor/outdoor. The airsoft guns are actually only for use outside with protective eye gear.
That's all. Haha. I think I can officially give birth to this baby anytime now that I've posted the Christmas onslaught, I mean pictures. The gifts were a blessing. I hope you enjoyed sharing in our fun.

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Lora said...

I enjoyed reading about your Christmas, Julie. :) And anytime you find the time, I'd love to have that recipe for the sausage dish you made. It looks wonderful! Good luck with the delivery!