Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve

I finally looked through the Christmas pictures last night. That should indicate that my mind has been busy elsewhere. With less than 2 weeks until the arrival of the baby, I'm "hurrying" to be prepared. I think you can expect that blogposts might be a bit sparce for a time. I'll do my best and I will keep updates going so you can be informed when baby comes, etc. But there are other things pressing on my mind just now...
Our Christmas feast. It was a good compromise meal. I needed to do something that was pretty fuss-free, but we still wanted a special meal. We ended up having a very simple, but very moist and tender roast chicken that was cooked in my dutch oven with the lid on. I tried out some easy scoop-and-bake dinner rolls that are done in a muffin tin to avoid rolling and cutting. They were a hit. I was skeptical, but they turned out very good. I also tried a new recipe for ultra-creamy mashed potatoes and the kids said they were the star of the show. The asparagus, well, I accidentally way overcooked it and it wasn't exactly edible. :)

After supper we gathered in the basement... open the annual Christmas Eve pajamas.

Everyone is excited!

And now everyone is fully ready for bed. :)

These two both had polar bears.

And these two both had penguins.

My, they are getting big. I wonder at what point I won't be picking out cute pajamas for them anymore?

A quick bit of eggnog to end the evening.

As I looked through the Christmas pictures last night, the boys and Peter looking over my shoulders, we all laughed several times at the seriously silly faces of some of Cecily's pictures. I thought I'd include this one at the end. She's a hoot. :)

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What nice pictures :)