Monday, February 21, 2011

Back a Bit: Crazy Day with Mom and Dad

The last day that Mom and Dad were here and the day of the baby's birth, was Crazy Day. This is a tradition that my mom created. My kids know it well by now. Every time that a sibling is born she gives the kids a Crazy Day following the birth. Since the baby wasn't born in time, we elected to go ahead and do it the last day that they were here. It was the first ever Crazy Day that ended up being before the birth. But every Crazy Day is unique after all.
I took many pictures from the fun day that I wanted to go ahead and post. My mom does such a good job making it fun for the kids. Mom got a painting project for them. They were magnets. She had them come in two at a time to do it with her to make it manageable.

Cecily had a great time painting two little wooden butterflies.

Ben did a turtle that turned out so cute.

Amelia did a large wooden butterfly.

William did a very detailed elephant.

Sam's was a frog.

And Calvin's was a lion. I guess Calvin was the one person who got kind of sour about it not turning out just how he wanted. In the end, my mom helped him fix it to his satisfaction. No one else had any trouble and enjoyed it entirely.

For lunch, Amelia helped mom to put slices of cheese inside of some hot dogs and then wrap them in crescent roll dough. For breakfast we had served dinner, which was a Mexican Shepherd's Pie, and then we were planning to serve breakfast for dinner. Lunch was these fun wrapped hot dogs.

We wrapped the hot dogs in foil and tucked them in these lunch bags with some other fun food to have a "picnic" in the basement.

The lunch bags had Toy Story characters printed on them and a place to write each child's name. I knew they would think they were fun.

The pajamas were part of the Crazy Day craziness too.

Mom took this picture of me. It was around 12 hours before the baby actually was born.

After dinner, while I was at home laboring, Dad and Mom took all of the kids to Wendy's for a treat.

Samuel took all of the following pictures on our camera to show me when he got home.


Yum. I don't know if the Wendy's trip will end up being a great memory for Mom and Dad, but I'm sure the kids loved it and it was certainly helpful of them to take the kids like that.
Next, they brought the kids home and put all to bed, we sat up and watched an episode of Little Dorrit and finally gave birth around midnight. An interesting day and evening. :)
Ready or not, Mom and Dad left for the airport at 8 AM the next morning. I have a group of pictures from a bowling night we did for William's birthday that I will post next and then I will return to current things.


Lora said...

How fun for your kids and parents! I am sure "crazy day" will be days that your kids will always remember. :)

Jennie and Julie said...

Wow...that looks like fun! I think we had a great day, in spite of all the craziness of it. Are the magnets still up on the fridge? There are some good photos, and I congratulate Sam on the good photos from Wendy's. I think they are better than mine. Thanks for posting all of that. Mom

Luma said...

Julie, how fun. I'm kind of saddened to hear that you weren't able to have the baby until just before your parents left. Wow! How long were you overdue? Your mom looks as sweet and kind as I remember her. :-)