Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goings On

There haven't been a lot of goings on. Naturally, we're not doing much besides letting me rest to recover from the delivery and adjust to being a nursing mom again and including our new little boy into the family. But I have a collection of random photos from the last week or so and a few that I took of the baby last week to share. The boys worked together to sculpt this snow truck. They entered a picture of it into a contest for the newspaper. They didn't win. I think the judges were looking for a more traditional snowman. But it was fun to do!

Sleeping in the bassinet in the basement.
Fun cookies from a friend. A great way to celebrate a new sibling.

Chatting with Grammy. She was the very happy recipient of a phone call!

Cecily was repeating everything that Amelia was saying on the phone, pretending to be talking on her "phone" also.
Hanging out by the sliding glass door trying to absorb a little sunlight. Notice the distress lines in the forehead.
Really not happy now.
Trying the other side.
...but still there are distress lines.
Ah....found his thumb and all is well.
She can't get enough of the baby. He's only awake every so often. She's usually very close by when he is.
I love him.
His feet are worth capturing and remembering.
So amazing. The first week is always hard, but hazy with wonder and awe as well. He's such a miracle. So thankful.


Lora said...

I love this post for so many reasons, Julie! Little Elijah is SO cute and precious. I also love Amelia's little blue dress in the photo of her and Elijah together. And that snow truck is so cool! They did a good job on it. Thanks for sharing. How I miss the baby days with my kiddos. I cherished that time!!

Anonymous said...

Totally precious. Boy, those judges weren't paying attention. The truck was AWESOME, guys. The detail and creativity - well it was just the best. I am so glad you captured it in a pboto.

Little Elijah looks like he is enjoying his new family. What a cutie, and those feet. OOOOO, I love newborn feet. They really show the miracle of creation.

Millie's phone call is priceless too. I love her crossed legs and her focus on the person at the other end of the line. We do learn by example, so good for you Cecily for practicing.

Just got my camera back so will be posting again soon.

Love you all,

Luma said...

Hi Julie, I'm so glad you put up some pictures. I'm not on facebook but I did hear from Geoff and we had been praying for you and the family. We're so excited for you all. He's absolutely beautiful. Seeing the pictures helps remind me of the little boy I have in the womb right now and gives me hope that this will be over soon for me also. It's getting harder and harder for me to walk around because of the separated pelvis. Thank God for Geoff and the two older girls I don't know what I would have done.

Here's a HUGE hug dear friend.