Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homemade Gifts and Pictures of Elijah

Elijah received some very sweet homemade gifts that I wanted to share.I love knit things and it's been fun to dress him in baby blue. The hat and booties were knit by a friend and the blanket by another friend.

The blanket has a unique star shape. Isn't it lovely? I just love to use things that people have made for him.

And now I thought I'd just post the recent pictures of Elijah.

He is getting very focused on interacting with us. He coos and smiles and follows us with his eyes as we walk around a room.

The kids sort of always want to hold him. He gets overstimulated pretty fast, so I let them, but carefully and fairly briefly.

He makes this face a lot.

He loves to look at the camera. :) That's actually the reason that almost every picture of him he has this same serious look on his face. He's very interested in looking at this new, interesting object.

In the swing.

I guess one of his distinctive traits is his very bright eyes. People seem to comment on them.

I can almost get him to smile if I move the camera out of his range of vision.

His newest accomplishment: he can put his hands in his mouth now. He's so happy to have them to suck on.

I guess that's enough of baby...for a little while.

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Tricia Regar said...

He is pretty stinkin' cute, Julie! I am very glad I'm pregnant, because seeing babies recently has made me really want one. :) I actually had a dream the other night about breastfeeding the new baby...I think because I quit so early with Rachel, I'm aching to take it up again.

Ok. That's enough jabbering for one night. I like your blog. The End. :)