Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fishing, Stuff and the Park

Peter took the boys fishing just before Father's Day. The following pictures are ones he took from their trip. After that are some random ones and finally some from the park where we played on Peter's birthday.Tackle.


The first lake.

The second lake. There's the fisherman himself, getting ready to cast.

Cal is just playing in the water, studying what's going on under the surface.

Just a nice shot. I think this is Cheat Lake.

Bringing one in. Lakes look beautiful, don't you agree?

Ben's Make-a-plate that he got back in the mail. (He traced the outline of the horse and did the rest himself).

My 10 year old's sense of humor. He liked the sunglasses on the can of soda, but thought he needed to add a crooked hat to complete the look.

Faithful Sam with his berries. We have one small patch of wild berries in the woods adjoining our property. Sam faithfully seeks out the ripe ones every day, sometimes twice a day, to be sure that he doesn't miss any. He adds each picking to his bag in the freezer where he is hoping to accumulate enough to make a pie.

This is Hoopha, called hoops for short. (Hoopha is "under" in Greek). Ben found this box turtle on the field above our house one day after a rainfall. We've been feeding/enjoying him for a bit before returning him to his home.

Eli's first day to swing at the park. He looks one-legged. :)

Cecily and I found these glasses at the park.

The kids played a game of tag with dad, involving some balls.

Sam got caught.

Hot, happy time.
Pirate face? I think they just like to try things and then see what it looks like on the camera.

That's it for now. We celebrated Peter's birthday yesterday, so we'll post some pictures of that soon. Otherwise, I'm caught up. I guess I'm just too distracted to get the camera out much these days.


Jennie and Julie said...

That was a great catch-up session. Grandma particularly liked the 1-legged baby : ) How many fish did they catch again? We also liked the photo where you named Cheat Lake, on the pier & Sam on the right side. Really nice balance in the picture. Grandma says that Peter had better watch out, because Sam will soon be big enough to take him down! and he will need to watch out as his bones will be more fragile as he gets older (as he just celebrated another birthday!) Ha. Thanks for the photo's, and tell Sam I'm still waiting for his blog! Love. Grandma and Mom

Sarah said...

Fun photos, Julie! Thanks for sharing! :)