Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The boys recently drew some self-portraits, while looking in mirrors, for an art project. I felt that the results were superior to anything they'd done previously and that they'd really put their full effort into them. The first is Sam's. He has done some self-study on technique and has done quite a lot of drawing. So, even though it doesn't exactly look like him, I thought his drawing had depth and feeling. Being his mother, I marvel that my 11 year old child produced this.
William's is quite different. He does not enjoy drawing in the same way that Samuel does. He does very little drawing. So, my first comment is: I was pleased with how hard he worked at this drawing and was motivated. Second comment: The difference between his artwork and Sam's is represented here. He tends to think and see in cartoons. He does not draw realistically, he draws interpretively. This picture does express Will's style and the expression on the face is very true to Will and his style.

Good work boys! I love to see your skills develop.

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