Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dresses, Little Girls, and Picture Taking

 I love these dresses and I love these girls.  I sure have a hard time getting a good picture of them though.  :)

 This one is pretty cute.

 Nice lighting and a good shot of the dresses at least...

 Just for fun, I'm including a series of the others that were pretty much a comedy of errors.

 Too much light in their eyes, clearly.

 More shade made little difference...

 Sad about something now.

I did finally evoke some truly happy smiles.  Too bad Millie tipped her head back too.  It's all part of the kidness.  Love these gals.  :)


Kim said...

You're right, Julie. Pretty dresses - and prettier girls! My mom always said that "pretty is as pretty does." Which is another reason your girls are lovely...:-)

Luma said...

The girls look lovely, Julie. :-)

Laffing Dawg said...

Beautiful girls and really pretty dresses. Lately I have been thinking of all the dresses my mom made for me. I don't think I had store bought clothes until I started to high school. I can smell the fabric and remember how nicely they all ironed. Gosh I love those memories.

Thanks, Kathy