Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy 35th Birthday, Peter!

 "Halfway to 70!"  says Peter about his birthday.
One lucky guy, or rather blessed man.  :) 

 And the traditional scavenger hunt for the gifts.

William is the one who enjoys riddles, writing and games in general.  He spent a good bit of the afternoon writing all of the clues and setting up the hunt.  What a great gift to his dad!  Here's the first clue he wrote:  "Your first clue on this paper abides, I'll give you a riddle to solve.  Where dogs get burnt and ground beef sizzles for mercy on my racks.  Steel, iron, that's what I'm made of, and fire flickers in my maw.  What am I?  If this riddle goes unsolved, you will not gain what it holds."

 He's found another one.  

 He's ready now to open his cards and gifts.

A card from Cecily.  Actually, I believe there were three.
 A gift picked out by Millie.

Next is Calvin.
 And Benjamin.

A gift card from his parents-in-law.
 And books.  Now to get some time and quiet to actually read....

Cake to finish it off.  How happy it made us all to celebrate Peter's birthday with him.  He means so very much to us.

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Kathy Poncy said...

How wonderful. And such a fun family celebration.

Love you all,