Monday, July 23, 2012

Math, Lunch, Tintin & Cookies / *Everyday Life*

 This has been an unusual summer.  We have actually added to the school load and have neglected much of the normal summer activity we usually engage in.  This is due to: 1)moving this school year and losing a lot of time, 2)a new baby arriving this fall, also causing a certain amount of school time lost, and 3)younger kids ready to move up a level and get going on some new curriculum. 

 Not much is different for Sam and Will.  They are doing some catch up on a few subjects that they are a little behind on.  But Ben has started grammar and we are trying to fly through the first year curriculum to get him started on the second year for this upcoming school year.  He was suddenly *ready* to take off this spring and so we are schooling away.  Also, I ordered new math curriculum for he and Calvin.  After years of using the same math for all of the boys, I finally re-invested and got Saxon.  So glad I did.  I had avoided it because it is so involved.  Now I see that I just need to put in the time because it is so worth it and the results are astounding.  They are loving it.  I started Calvin and Ben at the same level because I wanted Ben to re-learn certain things, properly.  Because of this we are also trying to get a lot of this done so that Ben can catch up and be at his capability level as soon as possible.  

And Amelia.  :)  She can't stand to see all this school going on and not be included.  She was SO ready that I couldn't put it off anymore.  We ordered her Kindergarten phonics and the first level of Saxon math for her to start.  Yes, she's loving it and I am full-up-to-my-eyebrows with lessons with children this summer!  
The pictures show everyone jumping in on a math lesson using their new *balance*.  One of the delights and benefits of Saxon is the heavy use of math manipulatives.  So hands on, so much fun.
 Lunch for Eli.  (In his "new" chair)
 Ah yes, peanut butter finger food.  Usually indicative of a nap next. 
Just watching an episode of an old, animated Tintin series on Netflix, on the computer.  A fun treat.
 Cookies.  For a picnic.  Thanks, Will!  And great job including your little brother who had a wonderful time!
Our rule is that if you cook it, you get to taste some at the end, if you want to. Yum!


Kathy Poncy said...

I so enjoyed this post. Wish I could be there to watch the teaching and learning. Such fun.

Am also so excited to welcome the newest Jones this Fall.
Love to you all, Kathy

Jennie and Julie said...

I like that 'rule', and have always employed it! Yum! Yes, it's a great post, showing what you do everyday. So glad you are surviving all that teaching, and so glad the kids are loving it!