Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chestnut Ridge Park and the Life of an Eighteen Month Old

 Somebody insisted on carrying a fishing pole and a tackle box to the lake all by himself.
First test of the water.
 Getting a little braver.
3 year old enjoyment of the water.  :)
 5 year old working on new tricks and abilities.
7 year old running, splashing towards Elijah.
 Elijah's delighted smile as Calvin runs towards him.
9 year old swimming in the deeper end of the swimming area. 

Taking a break to eat a peach.
 But rapidly returning to the water.  :)
He is saying, "Splash! Splash!" and hitting the water with his hands.
 13 year old enjoyment of the water means mostly fishing. 
Certainly his idea of a good time.
 11 year old's idea of a good time.  He and Sam both got in the water briefly, but stayed busy doing other things most of the time.  Will's default activity is always reading.
We spent a few minutes on the swings.
 These are all "new" delights for him.  It's always so much fun to watch.  Everything is so exciting and delightful when you are 1 1/2 years old.
Afternoon finished off by a Taco Salad picnic dinner.  A very nice family time.  

Now that I told you about how much school we've been doing, I can tell you about the break from school we've been taking the last three weeks.  We have been enjoying a very refreshing hiatus from all school work and have been able to spend our time other ways, including coming out to Chestnut Ridge Park.  We've been doing projects around the house and some cleaning.  We've gone on a couple of outings and watched some fun movies.  SO NICE!  We'll probably keep this up for a bit longer and then ease back into school for the fall.  So that's what's new with us....


Kathy Poncy said...

Delightful. And thank you for sharing the joy of being 18 months old. I love everyone's idea of a good time. I guess I side with Will. I always would escape to read.

Lovely post to end my day.

Love to you,

Jennie and Julie said...

That water does not look crystal clear....but not toooo muddy either. It doesn't look like the kids mind. I like Elijah's exhuberant smiles and Will's swimming outfit. I haven't seen one in brown yet. Love you,