Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sam's Birthday Celebration

With his chosen birthday dinner of roast, mashed potatoes and cheese biscuits.
New lures from Benjamin and Calvin.
A flashlight from William.
A couple of fishing magazines.
Jerky from Millie and Cecily.
And a card from our home's best card-maker. 
Sam wanted to take a picture of his new fishing lures.  He was very happy about them.
Brownie ice cream sundaes for dessert.
A very happy birthday boy.  :)  Sam also got a scale to weigh his fish, a nice sketchpad for his drawings, and his main gift from my parents and Peter and I:  an airline ticket to fly on his own to Oregon to visit Grammy and Papa.  He gets to go at the end of August and stay over Labor Day.  It will be so strange to have him gone, but we know it will be a great opportunity for him in so many ways.   Growing up!

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Jennie and Julie said...

Nice, but oops! I think you might have forgotten to add how old he is? Or did I miss it? Maybe most know that he turned 13, but that is a big milepost. Really nice photos, and I esp. liked the one of Sam and Cecily...really cute. Hope you have a good week, love Mom