Sunday, April 21, 2013

Haircuts for the Girls

 You might know or not be surprised that I do all of the haircutting in our household.  I claim no real skill at it, but I do it to save money.  Part of the reason that I have just let the girls' hair grow is because my only attempts at cutting it myself haven't gone very well.  By the way, I do not cut my own hair either.  Twice a year, I take the time and money to get it cut at a salon.  So, this time around I took the girls with me when I was due for my cut.  I got to watch and get some pointers from the capable and experienced lady who does my hair. 
 Amelia's hair got several inches taken off.
 This was pretty fun for them, because they've never done it before.
 Cecily just got a trim.
Freshly cut hair!  And I learned something for next time!


Kathy Poncy said...

You are each so beautiful. It is so fun to go to the salon and have some girl time and then come out with information and a pretty new haircut. I just love it too.

Brenda said...

biWhat you wrote reminded me so much of my own dear mom -- a pastor's wife like yourself who also cut our hair for many years to save money! She was always trying to garner tips to do it more professionally, etc. Well done! Sounds like you're a Proverb's 31 wife/mother in word and deed.