Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two Recitals and an Anniversary

 From January through March Benjamin and Calvin participated in a free piano pedagogy program through the university.  Some of the piano majors have to teach 6 weeks of piano lessons to children in the course of their study.  So Ben and Cal got 6 weeks of free piano lessons.  At the end of the time there was a small recital for all of the children who participated in the program to play what they had learned for their families. 
 Ben played two songs, including an abridged Mozart piece.  So nice!
 Calvin also played two songs, and his teacher played a duet with him.
 Their teacher was Miss "Jue."  She is from Malaysia.  The boys were excited about that because they happen to know a good bit about Malaysia due to a Malaysian student who used to attend our church.
 Here are all of the students and student teachers.  In the end, we were very glad that we did this.  It gave Ben and Cal a very good introduction to piano.  Now that they know the basics they've been experimenting with the piano and it's great to hear them playing and enjoying it.
 In the same week, Sam and Will also had their annual piano recital to demonstrate their year's progress.  They got to play on a large grand piano in a big auditorium.  That's always a good experience for them.

 They both did very well.
 This is all of the students and teachers who participated in the recital.
 And this is Sam and Will's teacher, Mrs. Kincell, with all of her students.
Oh, and Peter and I had an anniversary.  It was mostly forgotten in a lot of busy-ness this year.  But we did pass the 16th anniversary of our marriage and we did squeeze in time to fry some steak and for Peter to drink a special, celebratory beer.  The steak was SOOOO good.  Something, you might be able to imagine, that we don't typically eat.  Yum!

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Kathy Poncy said...

What a lovely gift - free piano lessons. I can sense grandma's smile. Congratulations to each of you young men on your accomplishments. Music is such a gift to have in life. I love the piano I studied from 7 to oh so much older. And I love the guitar I am now learning some 60 years later.

Happy anniversary to you Peter and Julie. Your life has been so full and your family is a gift to us all.