Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 2: Root Beer, Milliner's Shop, Gunsmith & Shoemaker's Shop

Hot, muggy afternoon caused us to break down and get some cups of root beer for everyone.
So refreshing.
These shade structures aren't as effective before the vine growing on them has leafed out.  But look at the cute lanterns hanging from them!
These are truly happy smiles.  Bronwyn and I were getting a break from sweating all over each other in the sling, the root beer was super cold and refreshing and Mom and I are happy to be together.  Being at Williamsburg together was a once-in-a-lifetime treat for us.  I really relished all of it.  Peter took this picture and it was quickly my favorite.  A very good memory.
The girls in our group went into the dress shop together. (Milliner)
This is actually a retail store that is owned by the woman above.  We enjoyed talking to her.  She's English.
The back room had hats to buy.
We brought home some of these cute, white mob caps for the girls.

Peter was especially keen on visiting the gunsmith shop.

This shop does actually make guns in the way they would have been made in Colonial days.  It takes a lot of time to make a gun (Peter says 400 man-hours) and to buy one from here has to be special ordered and costs a great deal.
There were several tools laid out that the children could touch.
Calvin is making a funny face, but he's showing how a musket ball was molded in this tool.
And they each got to hold a musket.
I believe this bores a hole in the barrel.

We finally made it over to the shoe shop, where our "friend" works.  We met Mr. Walker last year when our family was able to offer hospitality to his family when their car broke down in our town as they were traveling home from Michigan.  We were looking forward to getting to see him at work in his shop in Williamsburg.  Here it is!
Mr. Walker!
Yes, we learned something about shoe-making while we were here, but I was busy taking pictures and confirming a time when we could visit their family in their colonial reproduction home.  We did get to stop by and see them the next night.  Such fun.  They have five, lovely homeschooled children.
One last shot of Mr. Walker through the window.  And that was the end of the touring for day 2.


Jennie and Julie said...

It makes me hot just to look at the photos.... but my feet are a lot better now. What fun we had, and it still seems a dream that we got to do it together!

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming, Ju. You're attention to detail is fantastic!