Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 3: The Governor's Palace - Inside

The kids are always distracting me to take pictures of things they find.  :)  Lookee what they saw in a tree from the balcony of the time share on the morning of day 3.  I think they told me it was a golden eagle.  Well, one doesn't see one of these every day!
Back to the tour.  Can you picture me rubbing my hands together?  I finally got to get inside the Governor's Palace and see the inside.  I was excited!
Just inside the front doors, the entry had an amazing surprise.  This was the other thing that Mom and Dad didn't tell us about and waited for us to be surprised.  (The other one was the maze behind the palace).  They knew we would love to see the amazing and artistic display of swords and guns to decorate the wood-lined walls of the entry.
Seriously cool.

This is one of the rooms that is off to the side of the entry.  There was a live bird in that bird cage. 
I don't know exactly what this room would have been called or used for because the tour guide didn't give that kind of information.  He wasn't very interesting and sort of went on and on about political things that the governor would have been involved in.  Nothing about the house.  I believe my mom said that he was a great example of how not to teach history.
I love architectural and decorating details.  Isn't this beautiful?
Beyond the entry was a hall that had this staircase to the upstairs portion of the house. 
Bedroom 1.
Smile.  Blue and white is a favorite of mine.  Below is a child's bed that was also in the first bedroom.
Second room had a baby's cradle.

Details.  On the ceiling. 
Coming back down the stairs.  Dining room is straight ahead, ballroom on the left.

Details in the largest room, the ballroom.  Crystal chandeliers with candles on them.
Gotta love that carpet.
Fancy indoor heating unit!
I don't remember why I don't remember what room this was taken in.  I think it was maybe a larger dining hall.  I didn't take any more pictures than this, so it must not have been notable.  These details warranted the pictures though.  Beautiful.

We exited through the back door.  King's Arms above the door.  The whole thing was a delight.  The building and grounds, but perhaps not the tour guide.  :)

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