Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bronwyn's First Birthday

Here's the cake.  So much chocolate!
Confession:  We pulled out a gift we had wrapped for her last Christmas that she never actually unwrapped because she was too little.  It was a cute plate and bowl set made of melamine.  It's just right for her now!
Her new plate and her first taste of cake.  She was noticeably pleased.

She liked it so well that we gave her a little more.
Peter's sister, Leslie, sent her a gift.
It was an adorable play purse with a bunch of accessories inside like keys, cell phone, credit card & mirror.
And my mom sent her a gift also.
It was a snail pull toy.
Bronwyn liked standing up and banging her hands on the box.
It's always so much fun to celebrate the first birthday of a child.  It's a wonderful landmark to reach, when they pass out of the baby phase and move into the phase of mobility and speech.  Happy first birthday to my 8th child!


Jennie and Julie said... much fun to celebrate. She looks more like JoAnn did than ever! I'll have to email you a photo from JoAnn's 1st birthday. Their hair is so similar. Cute, she is!

Kathy Poncy said...

Beautiful, Precious Brownwyn. Happy first birthday. Gosh, did that look fun.

Love, Kathy