Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cecily's 5th Birthday

Birthday dinner:  Homemade macaroni and cheese with ham (spirals instead of elbows), and the salad that is our current favorite (greens with Craisins, blue cheese and nuts with maple vinaigrette).
Yes, those are pajama pants under her dress.  :-)  She had already changed into pajamas and I wanted her to put her dress back on for the pictures.  I ended up letting her keep the pants.  She was super tired for this party, but there's no postponing such a treasured event.  Of course, she wanted to celebrate anyway.
Amelia and I made her a simple layer cake with pink frosting and put a horse figurine on top, knowing that Cecily would like it.
Cecily has been wanting a doll with hair like her sister has.  Amelia's has brown hair and a purple dress and Cecily's has blonde hair and a pink dress. 
 She can't believe how cool this stable full of horses is! 
 My mom and dad sent this gift and it's a very cute toy.  The wooden stable has a handle to carry it around and it came with stickers that you can write names for the horses on and put them above their stalls.
 A fancy skirt for dress up.  :-)  Again, this is to match Amelia.  Now they both have one.
 "Reading" a card from my mom. 
 She is proudly wearing her new "glass" slippers that Amelia got for her.  We found them at the consignment store.
 A cute, pink card from my grandma just added to the abundantly pink theme of this party.
 I have to admit that I really enjoyed all of this girly-ness.  The boys watched in stunned silence. 
 I can't imagine Cecily being more pleased.  That always makes it so worth it.
One last shot of the inside of the cake.  I attempted my first marble cake.  It's pretty easy and the kids were impressed.  ;-)

My big/little girl had such a fun day!


Jennie and Julie said...

That was some pink party! I loved that you wrote the boys watched in stunned silence...that spoke volumes : ) I also love the photo of her opening the horse stable. What a great caught her at just the right moment. She looks so happy, you did a great job. Isn't it nice to have a birthday break now?

Kathy Poncy said...

Wow, Cecily, you are 5 now. That is so great. I love that stable of horses and all of your pink things, even a pink cake. What a fun day you had. I hope you have a very special year.

Love, Kathy, Chandler, Calvin, and Mia