Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random Bits of Life

 Having teenage sons is awesome. 
 They never tire of making faces in mirrors.  :)
 Miss 6-years-old made a hat when she was learning letter "H."  She came up with this on her own with just the suggestion of using a paper plate and some paper.  Pretty cute.
 She says that it has tulips and dandelions.
 My sunny-faced 5 year old.
 Ahhh...sweet repose.
 Friday night entertainment: calamari!  (Peter got some squid for a great price and thought the kids would enjoy frying it.)
 Seriously?  You're going to eat those tentacles?  Oh, yes.
 Peter made a beer batter and this was delicious. 
 In a move of desperation (sort of) I put the little one in one side of the sink so that I could get some dishes done.  That worked out nicely for both of us.
Then I couldn't resist the picture taking opportunity.  Water is so wonderful, isn't it?  She's just captivated with it.


Jennie and Julie said...

I like random bits of life in the Jones household!

Brenda Bolyard said...

Love the hat! How creative and down-right pretty. Don't be telling me that you have two teen-age sons! That just can't be true, but the camera doesn't lie (and you don't either!).