Monday, June 16, 2014

First Fire

 This was a couple of weeks back, when we finally built a fire in the fire pit and spent an evening outside.
 Somebody has a marshmallow in her little hand...


 The boys enjoyed watching our Christmas tree go up in flames.
 It made quite the blaze!
 Ben got out his Indian drum and there was a little dancing around the fire.
 While the fire burned down, I sat on the hillside and watched the kids play, sans toys.  Ben started a little contest of jumping over last years' garden fence.
 Calvin has very good form.  :)

 There was much rolling down the hillside.
Like a breath of fresh air was this evening for our family.  It can be so difficult to stop "living" to enjoy down time and simplicity of being together outside, with no plans.  So nice.


JoAnn Asmussen said...

LOVE IT!!! :)

Jennie and Julie said...

What...some of the boys look like they have 'butch' or summer hair cuts? They look great, and probably much cooler. Was it hard to do? Also, Millie looks a bit lankier and growing up and tall. That's what photos will do for you, help you see all the changes. Grammie appreciates it!

The Jones Family (TN) said...

Looks like fun! I noticed the haircuts, too.