Saturday, June 28, 2014

Outside Projects

 Down below the house, the boys are putting in a raised garden bed for me.  We're not really doing vegetable gardening this year, except for this one bed.
 The tree stump in the background is from a pretty big tree that the older boys felled for me this spring.  It was their first time to fell a live tree and they did a great job.  It's absence provides a lot more sun on this portion of the garden.
 Tomato plants in my new bed, all done!

 On another part of our property, Sam has spent some his free time carving out the beginnings of a "cellar" that he wanted to make.  He's showing me how he's planning to put in support beams.
Our blueberry bushes have put out some lovely fruit this year.  We think we'll have more than a pint total.  Fun!  

There are wild black raspberries around our property that the boys are enjoying collecting and freezing for future pies and cobblers.  The end of June is full of seasonal good things.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Your raised bed is just lovely. Good for you! I hope you get good use with it. What a great idea a cellar is. That looks like a great place to have one. Did he get some of that idea from Williamsburg and the ice cave? Such a good project and way to keep busy. Yes, the end of June is full of good satisfying!