Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Few Extras

A few weekends back we got to enjoy having a few extra kids join our family for a couple of days, while their parents went on an anniversary trip.
It was, in fact, 4 boys, which brought our boy total up to 9 for a few days!
We live really close to the river, so it's just a few minutes to this dock where they can reel in some fish.  One of the boys pulled in a nice one.

One afternoon, when swimming didn't work out, we all took a nice long walk on the Rails to Trails track that runs along the river.
Peter lined them up for a foot race.
First was some of the littles.
Then the middle boys.
At the finish line.  Looks like their friend, William won this one.
Last, the older boys.

 Elijah hadn't got a chance to run, so Jono came back and raced with him.  Too bad I cut off Jono's head in this picture.  They were so cute as they were running hard!
 There are 8 of the 9 boys in this picture.
 Bron had a good ride in the stroller, but people didn't forget her.  They brought her a flower and talked to her regularly.
 Snail sighting.
 We reached this bridge and turned back.  This little one is getting tired.
 A ride and a cookie helped on the way back.
 Jono was too big for rides, he spent the walk back taking care of the girls.  :)

 Were the kids more interested in the deer, or the deer interested in the kids?
 Watching a boat push a large load down the river.
A goose sighting and then we were done and on our way home.  What a fun time we had with these "extra" family members for a few days!


Kathy Poncy said...

How fun. Millie, I love your pink hat and matching shirt. So cute. Kudos on including the stroller bound. The races were great. I love the picture of Elijah and his buddy. Rails to Trails is such a good group. I enjoyed every moment of your day. Thanks. The Jones family knows how to have fun. No wonder kids enjoy coming to stay.

Love you, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi JOnes' the love of my life Bill JOnes from Braxton county, wondered if you may be some of his relatives. Lots of JOnes in WV. Pioneers of WV.