Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beach Towels!

We had a really fun package arrive in the mail last week.  My mom ordered all of the children beach towels!  They're so beautiful and fun!  We had to take some pictures to show you how great they are, Grammy.

You can't really see her name, but I love this towel.  Amelia adores it.  :)
Sting Rays for Calvin!

The towel holder decided he was missing out by not being included in these pictures.
Not that we're going to the beach.  But we've been visiting the local pool once a week and they will be so helpful.  Thanks so much, Mom!


JoAnn Asmussen said...

These are SO cool! Good going, Mom! Where's Elijah's?

JoAnn Asmussen said...

Oh, and I love the expression on Sam's face in the picture with Bronwyn!

Jennie and Julie said...

Yes, where's Elijah's? I would like to see Bronwyn's out full too, even though that's a cute photo of her and Sam. His face looks so grown up! They look great, and fun. I really appreciate you posting the photos so I could see them, since I never really did. Thanks!

Kathy Poncy said...

Oh you photo bomber you, Peter. You just had to do it, I can feel that energy and it makes me smile. Beautiful towels with the owner well represented by the art work. Very sweet.