Friday, December 19, 2008


Whew! I finally got through all these pictures of our trip! This last day was spent trying to find a cave to tour in Kentucky and then driving the remaining distance home. Every time we travel south we pass through Kentucky and go right by all of the caves they have there. We determined to try to stop this time and see what these caves were like. Unlike the area where I grew up, where the caves were air bubbles in lava flows, these caves were formed in limestone. There are a great deal of them in central Kentucky that offer public tours. We drove to several of them before we finally found one that had a tour that was at a good time for us and wasn't too hard for the kids. The cave we ended up going into was called Mammoth Cave and it is in Mammoth Cave National Park. As we drove through the park we saw quite a lot of deer, some very close to our car. We had to take a short bus ride to the cave entrance. I got the feeling that the bus driver wasn't very happy to see us. He's standing here taking our tickets. Maybe it was the fact that I was taking pictures of him. :-)

"We're really in a cave!"

This is the kind of cave that has paved pathways and electric lights that our ranger-guide turned on as we went. You can see a part of the hand-railing. We went into the part of Mammoth Cave that has the most formations. They were truly amazing. Though I've posted some pictures that I took of them, you can't really get the full effect from a photograph.

In this picture I am looking down. These stalactites were actually very long, reaching way below us. My camera strap made it's way into this picture and caught the majority of my flash, as you see. I had to take the pictures very quickly so that I wouldn't delay the tour.

One of the few living things that inhabits the cave are these cave crickets. (Sorry, we're interested in bugs.)

The boys were thrilled to actually have been in a real cave and we learned a lot from the information that the ranger gave on the tour. Very worthwhile. We got home pretty late that night because of it, but we were glad that we stopped.

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Jennie and Julie said...

It looks like they could have shot some of the scenes from Lord of the Rings in that reminds me of them. Looks like a lot of fun...I'm sure you were all glad you took the time.