Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is the lake next to the cabin where Peter's parents live. Beautiful, hm? This is the cabin. :-)

Peter's dad made this round table from plywood on two saw-horses so there would be space enough for everyone. It worked well and it's charming, don't you think?


Peter's sister Leslie and her husband, John

Peter's brother, Mitchell and his wife, Tessa and children Ethan and Emma

Peter's sister, Anna and her husband, Walter and children Holden and Webber

Playing in the leaves

We had very moderate weather and got to enjoy a lot of outside playtime!

The kids table for the feast.

All ready to eat.

The adult table.

Playing on the swing set.

Samuel "racing" Uncle Mitch, who is a runner, up the driveway.

Peter has a cousin who has 4 boys also, who came to visit in the late afternoon. There were 9 little boys total and here they are playing some football with the uncles.

Notice that the "woods" in the background are actually bamboo. We love that bamboo forest!

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