Saturday, December 27, 2008


For once, the tree stood up straight and sturdy on the very first try. That must be a record. So, we did get to decorate it the evening that we had hoped to. This is Amelia's first year to participate and that was fun. She caught on quick and loved to daintily handle all of the little ornaments.

Oh, my! I actually made it into a photo! I was distributing the boys' ornaments to them.

I buy them each a new ornament every year. Cal got a sled.

Ben got a hedgehog. It really suits him.

Will really liked his deer.

And Sam got a lantern.


laffing dawg said...

The tree is as beautiful as the family and each of your spirit's. A wonderful WV Christmas to lead into a blessed new year.

I went to your blog Peter and listened to your sermons - well done. I will be praying for your growing church and your leadership.

I do love each one of you,
Kathy Bend, OR

Peter Jones said...

Kathy- In case you read this, thank you!! It's so very good to hear from you. I appreciate your kind comments and we always appreciate your prayers for us!

We love you too!
Julie and all

laffing dawg said...

Hey Peter,
My dear friend. Please email me as I have some questions and other stuff to share.

Love to you all,