Monday, July 19, 2010

4th of July

Wasn't it strange having the 4th on a Lord's Day? It was odd to combine the two. After morning services and afternoon naps, we headed out to the Oldlands' house for hamburgers and fireworks.The kids all got their own can of pop. That was a big treat. Here they are toasting their A&W's.

Yummy, 4th of July grilled hamburger!

Getting out the sparklers.

An underexposed, no-flash picture.

The kids watching the firecrackers being set off.

Jocelyn and I watching from the back with the littlest ones.

Ha! I just noticed that this picture is entirely upside-down. :)

Clapping for the fireworks show.

After a while, a few of us decided to watch from a safer distance. :)
So, the pictures aren't the greatest. But that's what we did. We always enjoy going out to be with the Oldlands and enjoy their property with them.

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