Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chestnut Ridge Park

The boys and I left after lunch, once the girls had laid down for their naps. The lake at Chestnut Ridge Park is great because there is a swimming area with a sandy beach to play in as well as catch and release fishing around the rest of the lake. Everyone swam for a while.

And dug.

Samuel left to fish on his own. He helped some other folks get fish off their hooks and they gave him some worms in return.

Will and I visited to see how the fish were biting, then headed back to the swim area with Cal and Ben.

When the girls got up, Peter brought them out to meet us.

A happy surprise for them!

Picnic dinner.

Yeah for summer holiday!

A little more swimming.

Showing me some rocks he found. He's clearly getting cold now.

I headed home with all the kids except Sam and Will. Peter kept them and took them over to the other little lake at Chestnut Ridge. It's just for fishing and Sam was hoping to have better luck as he never actually caught anything during the afternoon. I was so delighted and thanked the Lord when he brought home this picture to show me his big catch. This is the biggest fish he's ever reeled in. He's such a dedicated fisherman. He's patient and loves the process. The last several years have been very barren along the lines of actual catches though. We're still trying to figure out the lakes and fish around here and learn what to use for bait, etc. I was so glad his perseverance paid off for him.


Jennie and Julie said...

It looks like a great afternoon. I really like all the kids swim wear, they all look so bright and cheerful, and modest of course. The water looks really muddy? or at least brown. Is that a difference between East and West lakes? Mom

Peter Jones said...

They just dredged this lake and it stirred the mud up and made it very brown. It doesn't usually look like that.