Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Tour of Completed Projects On Our Home

I thought I'd post some pictures of the changes to our home and some projects that got finished over the summer. I took these with things as they were. I did very little, and in most cases, nothing, to fix up the rooms before photographing them. If you came to visit me, this is what you'd see, so....welcome to my home!
I'll begin upstairs. You've already seen the new paint on the girls room. We also painted the third upstairs bedroom, that used to be the boys' room. The walls are now a lovely light blue. It is the same color as the boys' new room. The can of paint we used was left over from that painting job. Currently, I'm doing the seasonal clothing shift and all the boxes of clothes from the attic are relegated to this spare room. I haven't fixed up this room at all yet. It does have and will continue to hold a guest bed and my sewing machine and sewing supplies. I plan to move the crib in here when we move Cecily to a bed. It should provide a quiet space for the new baby to sleep until he/she is big enough to move into a room with siblings.
There was some wall paper to scrape in this room, so that took a little time. Then we shampooed the carpet and primed and painted the walls. It's very ready for me to situate the furniture and hang some curtains when I get around to it.

The next change is downstairs. Again, I haven't really worked at fixing up this room yet, but it is functionally arranged and is serving as very useful workspace for Peter and for Sam and Will to do independent school work. This is the "office."

One helpful change done here was this built-in bookshelf that has replaced the old doorway to the unfinished storage space that used to be on the other side. Peter is able to have a lot more of his commentaries and study helps near his desk because of it.

Around the corner is the laundry room. :) New flooring. Though insignificant to all but, perhaps, myself, the sturdy laundry sorter is new and a welcome addition as well as the drying rack. Both allow me to avoid the look of clothes laying all over the room!

Nothing new has been done to the bathroom here, but you can see a bit of the new ceiling and lighting in the laundry room in this shot.

Continuing to the right is the hallway to the boys' new room (used to be unfinished storage space) and the new doorway.

"Welcome to my room!"

Looking to the left.

A desk behind the door. It's all-purpose writing space for anyone who needs to do schoolwork in there or another activity on their own (writing letters, etc.). This door is an outside door and is just kept locked and unused for right now.

Looking to the right.

The two closets on the end are so nice. This one is full of shelves.

And this one is for clothes storage.

I just labeled sections for the boys' church clothes recently to help them keep them separate and organized.

One last look down the length of the room from the closet end. I still have several organizational and aesthetic changes I'd like to make, but I didn't want to wait to get that done to post some pictures of the room. We're SO grateful for the room and the space it provides for the boys.

Here's a view of the back of our house, the way it looks now. Peter finished dismantling the portion of the deck that was around the pool. Kent, from church, built the stairs to the new room, planted grass where the old deck used to be, finished up the side of the remaining deck so that it is complete and also painted the deck for us.

Here's a look at how the deck looks now.

And last and definitely least, Peter put sand in the bottom of the playtower to create a sandbox. This has been highly enjoyed by all, but especially the toddlers in the last several weeks.


Anonymous said...

Wow Julie, what a fabulous post. I loved that tour of your home and I hope to do the same at some point. I may be the only one here, but, when I see photos of people's book shelves I want to know what books reside there and what they mean in your life. Maybe someday you can take us on a tour of your bookshelves. I will do the same and I will do my home too.

Thank you my friend. I feel like I have spent a nice part of the day with you.


Luma said...

Oh Wow!! Julie, I am so happy for you and the family. This was much needed. I can't WAIT till I come back again and see it in person. :-)

Lora said...

I enjoyed the tour of your home! It looks like you have been busy. Looks great! ;)

Hannah said...

I love how you labeled the sections of the boys' clothes. What a fun idea! :)